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Receiving the Jane Addam’s Honor Award


This is the most significant moment of my life and work: being here to receive this award in the name of peace. I know that if/when my book is criticized, I need only look to Jane Addams to be re-inspired.

Here’s what the jury members said:

Anne Laurel Carter’s work is beautiful, courageous, and provocative. What children in the Western World most often learn of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is from an Israeli point of view, perpetuating the stereotype of all Palestinians as violent terrorists. Ms. Carter tackles this controversial subject with grace and hope. The relationship between Amani and Jonathan affords readers the ability to envision a peaceful outcome if opposing parties engage in dialogue - an essential first step toward bringing about a resolution to conflict. The Shepherd’s Granddaughter teaches readers that it is important to hear and to be heard.

The Jane Addams Literature Circle for Girls read The Shepherd’s Granddaughter and wondered about the symbolism of the wolf. Perhaps, the wolf represents the danger that comes from avoidance and misunderstanding. Perhaps, it represents the strength and determination of the Palestinians as it too, struggles to survive. While there is so much to admire about Ms. Carter’s work, the true beauty lies in the way it makes you think –the questions it brings to mind long after the story ends. It is my great pleasure to present a Jane Addams Children’s Book award honor citation in the category of Books for Older Children to Anne Laurel Carter.


Friday, October 16th in the United Nations Plaza, New York