Young Adult


Elizabeth: Bless This House

"Our Canadian Girl"

Penguin, 2002

(Gr. 4-6)

  1. Elizabeth is a “Planter”, an immigrant farmer from Connecticut brought in to settle Nova Scotia after the Acadians have been deported. Is someone trying to burn her new home down?
    “Written with humor, energy and a light hand, Bless This House is a rare achievement…I hope there’s a sequel.” Deirdre Baker, The Toronto Star
    Pick of the Month
    Mississauga Public Library, June 2002.

Thematic links: Adventure, Acadian History, Pioneers, Seven Years War.

Elizabeth: To Pirate Island

"Our Canadian Girl"

Penguin, 2004

(Ages 8-12)

  1. In 1762 ten-year-old Elizabeth Brightman has two new friends: Sarah Worth, a fellow Congregationalist settler, and Mathilde LeBlanc, a French Catholic Acadian. Sarah and Mathilde are  enemies. Elizabeth decides that the trio will go to nearby Pirate Island where, according to an Acadian verse, 'Between two rocks stands the bending tree, A Pirate's treasure there will be.'   
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    CM . . . . Volume X Number 17 . . . . April 23, 2004

Thematic Links: Acadians, Friendship, Nova Scotia, Pioneers

The Shepherd's Granddaughter   

Groundwood, 2008

(Ages 11+)

  1. "Information-packed but never didactic, this moving narrative describes the life of a Palestinian girl. Amani's extended family lives simply, tending its olive groves and animals. Like her grandfather, Amani loves to care for the sheep, and from a young age has played an active role; after his death she takes on the sole responsibility for the safety and health of the flock. Her life becomes more complicated when Israeli settlers begin to build nearby. Her uncle and father react differently—one with angry words, the other with attempts at coalition-building and peaceful resistance. Amani, meanwhile, observes the changes and ponders the possibilities until forced to take action by the destruction of her home. Carter clearly conveys a particular point of view, but she neither demonizes all Israelis nor exalts all Palestinians. The integration of Arabic and Hebrew words adds flavor to the text; the clear description of the setting allows readers to enter deeply into the story. Fluid writing and straightforward storytelling make this a pleasure to read, despite the sensitive subject matter. Thoughtful and engaging."

  2. Kirkus Reviews, August 15, 2008

   Thematic Links: Middle East conflict, non-violence

Red Maple Award Nominee 2010 

2009 CLA Book of the Year Award for Children

2009 Honor Book for the Jane Addams Book Award for peace

2009 IRA Notable Book for a Global Society

2009 USBBY Outstanding International Book

Last Chance Bay   

Penguin, 2004                        

(Ages 11+)     *CLA Book of the Year Award Winner*

  1. "...The opening salvo of Anne Carter's exceptionally fine novel is uttered by chief protagonist Meg Christie. In 1944, in Last Chance Bay, even the boys don't often get off the ground...Meg's desire to (learn to fly)has been sparked by the crash landing of transatlantic aviator Beryl Markham in a bog close to Meg's home, and by Amelia Earhart's feats and the book's conclusion readers will soar with her."
    The Globe & Mail, Sept.25, 2004

Thematic Links: Mining, World War Two, Early Flight, Women's Liberation


2005 CLA Book of the Year Award for Children

In the Clear

Orca, 2001

(Gr. 4-7)

Pauline survives the horrors of polio and dreams of playing hockey.

Silver Birch Award 2002 finalist

“The freedom that Pauline feels when her dad helps her become a hockey player in their backyard rink is palpable.”
School Library Journal

“I always thought no book could beat J.K. Rowling’s but In the Clear is better than any book I have ever read.”
Nancy Janet Cruz, Grade 6

Thematic Links: Self-awareness, Family, Polio, History, Hockey.

Elizabeth: A Hornbook Christmas

"Our Canadian Girl"

Penguin, 2005

(Ages 8-12)

  1. Elizabeth teaches her friends to read with a surprise for Christmas Day.

Thematic Links: Acadian, Friendship, Nova Scotia, Pioneers

Elizabeth: Wide as Wings

"Our Canadian Girl"

Penguin, 2006

(Ages 8-12)

  1. The final story in Elizabeth's adventures in which she helps all her friends achieve their dreams.

Thematic Links: Acadian, Friendship, Nova Scotia, Pioneers

No Missing Parts

Short Stories About Real Princesses

Red Deer Press, Fall/2002


  1. "...readers will find achingly real heroines to identify with and learn from."    Quill and Quire, September, 2002


“Leaving the Iron Lung”, Vicky Metcalf Award 1999

“The Piano Lesson” winning story in Up All Night. Thistledown Press.